Past Episodes

Below is a spreadsheet containing the scores of all our past episodes.

TWR Episodes (public)

What our scoring system means

  • 5 - song contains rich theological truth and little to no error, language is specific and clear, ideas align with Scripture

  • 4 - song contains some theological truth but may have some minor errors, language tends to be clear but may be somewhat vague, ideas mostly align with Scripture

  • 3 - song contains some theological truth but has several minor errors or one major error that distracts from the song's merit, language tends to be vague but not overly problematic, ideas tend to align with Scripture

  • 2 - the song contains more error or vagueness than Scriptural truth, errors are very distracting and inhibit thoughtful worship

  • 1 - the song contains language which is vague or otherwise careless with language, Scriptural ideas are either completely absent or abused

How to interpret our scores

  • 5 - this is a great worship song

  • 4 - this is a good worship song

  • 3 - this is an acceptable worship song

  • 2 - this is an unacceptable worship song

  • 1 - under no circumstances should this be in a church